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The Joy of Beginnings

Happy New Year! I spent part of this first day of 2019 trying to make sense of my new-old art space at home. Confession: I haven't painted in here in over two months.

I have felt out-of-sorts with "coming home" to my house-based studio. I miss my big, light-filled, all-mine space at Mulberry Art Studios. I leased that lovely studio for three years and, for a variety of reasons, opted not to renew my lease at the end of August 2018. Reflecting on the transition back to a home-studio, I now realize that I did not have clarity on "what's next…next steps" for my smaller, albeit far more convenient, space. Although I can execute a plan/production/project like a pro, I tend to struggle with the "what's next…next steps" between big, important things. This is a tough lesson to learn!

So, in the spirit of beginnings, it’s fitting that I invested part of this first day of a fresh new year in my space of creativity: allowing me many hours of sorting, touching, rearranging, and letting go, all while being aware that one of my core values is to live as creative and artful a life as possible.

One stack of artsy-endeavors that I went through today was from 2016 - the abstract watercolors that I created for Elle Luna's 100 day project. Leafing through the colorfully painted sheets of carefully measured and cut watercolor paper revealed this message: Joy. A well-timed reminder of why I choose to make art, design interiors, and live each day with an intentional, creative spirit. There is Joy in creative living; Joy in making what didn't exist before; Joy in expression of creative curiosity; Joy in solving problems in creative ways; Joy in sharing creativity with others; Joy in surrendering to the creative callings of my soul.

May 2019 be full of more Joy, more creativity, and more lessons learned!

Creativity Blessings,


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