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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

100 days. 100 days.

Can I practice the same creative act everyday for 100 days…straight?

Well, I’m 29 days into Elle Luna’s “The 100 Day Project.” 29% complete.

How did I find myself here? My inner-child-artist-optimist-dreamer apparently told me “Yes! 100 days! Let’s do this! And, while we’re at it, let’s try something totally different! Let’s try little abstract watercolors…they can’t be that hard. Right? Right! So, let’s totally do this. We rock! We are awesome! 100 days isn’t that many days, right? So, yes! Yes to 100 days! Yes to fun! Yes to play! Yes to 100 days of watercolors!”

Watercolors?!? Wait, wait, wait. I paint with acrylics…thick, juicy, easy-to-layer, make-me-happy acrylics. Not watercolors…flowing, watery, unforgiving, hard-to-control watercolors. That sounds crazy. My inner-child-artist-optimist-dreamer wanted to hear nothing of it. She wanted to play. She was up for the challenge. I caved.

#100daysofanewmedium ... and a new hashtag was born.

29 days in and, holy cow, have I learned a lot. Watercolors? Temperamental and strangely addictive. Abstract watercolors? Hard. Very hard. Paper? 246lb. isn’t weighty enough. Daily commitment of 10 to 30 minutes? Doable, if I don’t overthink it. Sharing on social media? Uncomfortable, especially when the results are less-than-pleasing to me. Currently feeling? Determined to keep going, learn more, and reach that century-mark!


Because the act of showing up and making something (anything!) is one way I can grow as an artist.

Because a daily commitment to painting helps me live and think creatively during all parts of my day.

Because 100 days will pass anyway, and I want to live these 100 days as creatively as I can.

71 days to go. 71% ahead of me. I'm all in.

Follow my progress of #100daysofanewmedium on Instagram at

Learn more about Elle Luna and #the100dayproject at

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