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Edges and Mondays

I went to my studio today. It's Monday, after all, and Mondays and Tuesdays are my studio days.

Today at the canvas felt, well, mediocre. I couldn't get started and, when I finally did attempt to work on three canvases in progress, I was rusty, floundering, and not terribly thrilled with the results. So, I let those three canvases remain where they were and decided I would try again tomorrow.

I ended up painting edges on paintings that are completed but not ready for hanging. Edges need to be painted. That's a finishing touch before signing and varnishing.

Painting edges doesn't get me jazzed up like splashing color around the canvas does. But once I am seated, and I start painting those edges, and I slow down to make sure my line is straight and the paint coverage is thick, it becomes meditative. I'm calm. I'm focused. I'm completely absorbed in the task.

I much prefer making color dance around on top of the canvas; but today reminded me that, when I can't get the color to dance, painting edges can still make for a fulfilling day in the studio. Even on a Monday.

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