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why I create

Welcome to my colorful, joyful, paint-covered world!


I allow my heart to lead the way as I paint.  I celebrate the emotional experience of the creative process, rather than the practice of a specific technique or achievement of a planned outcome.  


Working in acrylic and mixed-media, my paintings hold the emotions that were on my heart during their creation. My goal is to engage the viewer with layered color and texture stories that represent a moment, or collection of moments, in my life.


I believe we are all creators because we originate from the Great Creator. I believe the making of art is a metaphor for life.  The highs, the lows. The failed experiments, the surprising outcomes, and the successes.  The facing of fears and moving through them.  The rising after falling or failing. The embracing of curiosity.  The trusting of intuition and the practice of self-compassion.


Art teaches me how to live more gracefully, more fully, more aware.


Creativity Blessings to You,




"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Pablo Picasso
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